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Minecraft Map Montage from the Dothan Education Showcase 2016

The video is a montage of student work in MinecraftEDU. The students are building twenty raised-relief maps in small groups. The video begins with a 3D print of France in September 2015 and continues through January 2016. They have done some extraordinary work.

Alabama Seventh Grade Geography Standard 1: “Describe the world in spatial terms using maps and other geographic representations, tools, and technologies.”

The Plague Map Project

Students build maps of historic plague outbreaks in MinecraftEDU and make mini-documentaries using iMovie on the iPad in the Plague Map Project.

I developed this project in collaboration with Cynthia Fogleman and Wanda Richards from the Carver Magnet School Science Department. The rubric represents the social studies side of the project.

Plague Map Project