My Article on Minecraft in Geography


Minecraft — Regular Version

Minecraft Official Site

Team Mojang on YouTube — The official YouTube channel for MInecraft


MinecraftEDU — Educational Version

MInecraftEDU — discounted Minecraft for schools and educational add-on software

MinecraftTeachr on YouTube — Joel Levin, the founder of MinecraftEdu, has a YouTube channel with many tutorials


Third Party Software

MCEdit — A Minecraft World Editor (Mac, Linux, Windows)

Minecraft Editor (Windows)

Spritecraft — converts graphics files to images made of bl;ocks that may be inserted into a world through a world editor (Windows)


Articles About Minecraft in Education

Ars Technica, “Educational Building Blocks”

BBC News Magazine, “Why Minecraft is More Than Just Another Video Game”

ClassThink, “MinecraftEDU — The Virtual School”

Edge Online, “Minecraft in the Classroom”

Edutopia, “Ideas for Using Minecraft in the Classroom”

Edutopia, “Using Minecraft as an Educational Tool”

Eurogamer, “Learn to Play: Minecraft in the Classroom”

Kotaku, “MinecraftEdu Distributes the Building Blocks of Games-Based Education to Classrooms Everywhere”

MInecraft.Gamepedia.Com, “MInecraft in Education” (wiki)

New York Times, “Disruptions: Minecraft, An Obsession and an Educational Tool”

Polygon, “How Summer Camps are Using Minecraft to Hook Kids on Science and Engineering”

The Takeaway, “When Quantum Physics Meets Video Games”

Time, “MinecraftEdu Teaches Students Through Virtual World-Building”



Guilds and Servers (Organizations for Minecraft Players)

Craft-Academy — rental servers and information about Minecraft in education

GamingEDUs — information for teachers, servers for teachers and students

Massively @ Jokaydia — ages 4 to 16



Diamond Boots — Minecraft crafting reference

Minecraft101 — learn to play Minecraft

Minecraft Wiki


Survival Mode

Instructables, “How to Survive Your First Day in Minecraft”


Instructional Videos

Time, “Minecraft for N00bs: A Fanboy Explains”


Exemplary Projects and Impressive Builds

The U.S.S. Enterprise (of Star Trek)


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